Friday, December 31, 2010

Canadian Male Ultra Runner of the Year

We are going to go with a slightly different format this time around for debate and voting for the Canadian Male Ultra Runner of the Year (UROY). Some names are going to be posted below with the results from races in 2010. Gary and myself deemed these ones as obvious choices to be put to the vote. There are certainly some obvious choices out there that we missed. This is where you the readers come into play! If you feel someone should be added to the list make a mention of it in the comments section with that persons known results and I will add it into the text of people to be voted for.

Debate will be open until Sunday at 6pm PST and then those on the list and those that have been added will be listed in the poll that will go for about 4 days.

In alphabetical order here are the contenders:

* 4th place Bull Run Run 50 miler - 6:52:51
* 1st place Sulphur Springs 50 miler - 6:28:07
* 3rd place Ultimate XC 58km - 7:03:37
* 1st place Haliburton Forest 50km - 4:26:17
* 1st place Vulture Bait 50km - 3:54:12
* 3rd place Mountain Masochist 50 miler - 7:42:39

* 2nd place Orcas Island 50k - 4:38:44
* 12th place Chuckanut Mountain 50k - 4:16:00
* 2nd place Diez Vista 50k - 4:26:37
* 7th place Miwok 100k - 9:00:23

* 4th place Vancouver New Years Day 50k - 3:59:55
* 1st place HURT 100 miler - 20:12 (CR)
* 11th place Chuckanut Mountain 50k - 4:12:14
* 1st place Diez Vista 50k - 4:10:38 (CR)
* 6th place Western States 100 miler - 17:06:20
* 4th place Knee Knacker 50k - 5:05:52
* West Coast Trail 75km Speed Record - 10:08
* East Coast Trail 220km Speed Record - 35:17

(4) Glen Redpath (NY)
* 3rd place Umstead 100 miler - 14:27:51
* 8th place Miwok 100km - 9:06:45
* 6th place Bear Mountain TNFEC 50 miler - 8:23:23
* 1st place South Mountain 100km - 10:31:00 (CR)
* 7th place Western States 100 miler - 17:10:06
* 5th place Trans Rockies 3 Day Race
* 2nd place VASS Vermont 50 miler - 7:01:31
* 1st place Oil Creek 100 miler - 17:25:54 (CR)
* 1st place Delaware Water Gap 50k - 5:29:00 (CR)

(5) Ryne Melcher (BC)
* 2nd place Vancouver New Years Day 50k - 3:55:11
* 3rd place Calgary Frozen Ass 52k - 3:46:54
* 18th place Chuckanut Mountain 50k - 4:21:36
* 1st place Mount Si 50 miler - 5:54:15 (CR)
* 1st place Capitol Peak 60km - 4:45:32 (CR)
* 1st place Lake Youngs 50km - 3:17:00
* Stormy 50 miler 10:29:07 (pacer for Kristin to get her WS Qualifier)
* 5th place Run for the Toad 50k - 4:15:15

So there you have five to get things rolling. There are names for sure that need to be added to this list. Get them comments flowing and I will get them added as they come up!

Happy New Year to everyone, play safe tonight and voting again will commence at 6pm PST Sunday January 2nd.

The exact same debate is over on Gary's Blog for the Canadian Women.

Happy trails!


  1. I think those are definitely the top 5. Can't really see any others challenging for the title.

    It will be very interesting to see how the votes go as I could see it going a little different than the POY poll. I'd say my thoughts on who I think should get it but not sure if you want the debating to start now.

  2. No time better than the present to start the debate!!!!

  3. Ok, you mentioned about Glen's Umstead not getting the respect that it probably desired, and I totally agree. I think that on the whole for the incredible number of consistently strong performances that he put down that it's tough to not go this way for UROY. He pretty much did it all... 3 wins/CR's, fast times (fastest Cdn 100), strong races in deep fields. Just always seems to race consistently well. His best race probably wasn't quite as strong as Gary's and yours, but the whole package seems very solid.

  4. No disrespect to Gary as he had a stellar year as well but Glen has my vote. I figure it's a two horse race between those two. Myself, Adam and Chris might get some pity votes from parents, girlfriends and such but the bulk of the votes should be headed Glen or Gary's way!

  5. Couldn't agree more. If Glen doesn't win I might protest! Derrick summed it up impeccably, he just never misses, at any distance, and often in back to back weeks! The guy is amazing!


  6. Pity votes from girlfriends eh? I just like how you clarified your Stormy finishing time was to get my WS qualifier!! 10:29:07 is nothing to be ashamed about Mr. Melcher :P