Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hobo or UltraRunner?

Recently I've been skimming through the photos from races over the years and always thought, man, sometimes I'm not sure if people would be able to tell if I was a runner or a hobo. Then last year there was this facebook game called crackshack or $1,000,000 mansion which basically showed a bunch of crap houses in the Greater Vancouver Area and you voted if you thought it was a crackshack or a mansion. It was hard to differentiate. Then I thought it would be funny as hell to every couple days post a picture of an ultra runner (I'm not putting any of me up cause Hobo would take 100% of the votes) up and put it to a vote of Hobo or UltraRunner!

Long time no update but Photo #5 up for voting!

Photo #4 now up for voting!

Results for Photo Below
Hobo - 38%
Runner - 62%
Actual Photo - Runner

HOBO - 74%
RUNNER - 26%
Actual Photo - Runner, dude who routinely runs shirtless in Edmonton even in the chill of a -35 day mid-winter!

RESULTS!!!! (For Photo Below)
HOBO - 51%
RUNNER - 49%
ACTUAL PHOTO - Jackie Muir, UltraRunner - after the Fat Dog 130 miler.


  1. She also looks drugged out of her mind...

  2. Montrail logo on the hat is a dead giveaway. Hobo.

  3. Montrail really need to curb their hobo sponsorship program!

  4. dude, i have some classics-peep these


    good starts. Yes, I do look back at those early days fondly.

  5. Ha. Very good. Looking forward to the triathlete or millionaire voting too.

  6. At first I said Ultrarunner because of the hat but then got to thinking. You Montrail runners ARE! A bunch of Hobos. Yeah she totally looks baked out of her mind. Maybe she really was a hobo and somebody just pulled her out of a ditch near one of the aide stations. Where she had been huffing paint from a papper bag all night long?

  7. No hobo would wear a nice, clean puffy jacket like that. Since I believe I am just outside of the frame of this photo, I benefit from the bias of knowing this was taken more than an day into a 100-mile run that turned out to be closer to 140-miles long. If I recall, the subject of the photo just learned she could have a stress fracture and that she could have another full day of running ahead of her. Given that a DNF was not an option for this person: Ultrarunner!

  8. No shopping cart - definitely not hobo.
    This ranks as one of my absolute favourite 100-miler(ish) photos. When I first saw it last summer I laughed, knowing exactly what she felt like. I have a similar photo of myself....

  9. I don't care if it is an ultra runner, at this point, they would rather be a Hobo

  10. Definately going with Ultrarunner on this one. No self respecting Hobo would be caught dead outside in those temps without atleast a plastic trashbag over them to keep them warm.

  11. I think Wakefield is right.. though a hobo could have gotten a little tipsy on Night Train and decided to go for a jaunt. The real way to tell would be to see if those headphones were plugged into anything. If its just the cord going into his pocket it's for sure a hobo

  12. wow, #2 is wearing some seriously old-school ultrarunning duds - must be circa 1992.

  13. aww, I missed the voting ! will get the next one.
    Jackie is definately a rocking Ultra-runner.
    Maybe HOBO could also pertain to an ultra-runner post race:

  14. Bruce - if you have a similar photo of yourself any chance I can use it for one of the rounds down the road :p

  15. Fat Dog 130 miler. I thought that race was only a 100 miler. :-)

  16. Photo # 4 is definitely a hobo! lol

  17. I recently saw the guy from photo #4. He was grumbling something incomprehensible and was wearing that same hat...so definitely hobo!

    Gotta run,

  18. Number #4 is an ultrarunner... or a hobo that hangs out on the OUSer circuit

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