Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Canadian Male UROY

Been a while since I've made a blog update and it's that time of year again to pick your brains on who should be given bragging rights for UROY (Canadian Edition).

There were certainly some tremendous performances once again put forth by Canadians this past calendar year. Including some big ones on the International Stage. Once this poll has closed to voting I will fire up a vote for the Canadian Male Performance of the Year.

For simplicity sake I have kept the poll short to 4 people. I believe these are the legitimate contenders to take home the big award. Feel free to comment though if you think I have overlooked someone that had a shot at potentially taking top honors. The link is on the side and candidates are listed alphabetically. Below is a summary of each athlete and their results for 2011.

Also I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best for your 2012 Running Endeavors!

Canadian Male UROY Candidates:

* Chuckanut 50km - 3:54 (8th Place)
* Elk Beaver 50 Miler - 5:44 (1st Place - set National Record for 50 miles on Trail)
* Knee Knacker 50km - 5:06 (2nd Place)
* CCC (France) 98km - 10:29 (2nd Place)
* TNF 50 Miler - 6:34 (3rd Place)

* Sequoia 50km - 4:17 (2nd Place)
* Where's Waldo 100km - 10:22 (4th Place)
* Walk in the Park 54km - 4:45 (1st Place)
* Pine to Palm 100 Miler - 19:15 (2nd Place)
* Whistler 50 Miler - 5:52 (1st Place)

* HURT 100 Miler - 22:27 (1st Place)
* American River 50 Miler - 5:59 (2nd Place)
* Elk-Beaver 100km - 7:28 (1st Place)
* IAU World Trail Championships (70km) - 6:40 (2nd Place)
* TNF 50 Miler - 7:21 (23rd Place)

* New Jersey 50 Miler - 6:19 (1st Place)
* Umstead 100 Miler - 14:47 (3rd Place - National Age Group Record)
* Miwok 100km - 9:04 (12th Place)
* Ice Age Trail 50 Miler - 6:48 (4th Place)
* Western States 100 Miler - 16:57 (14th Place - Canadian WS100 Record)
* IAU World Trail Championships (70km) - 8:22 (50th Place)
* Vermont 50 Miler - 7:17 (6th Place)
* Run for the Toad - 3:46 (3rd Place)
* Crooked Road 24 Hour - 139 Miles (1st Place - National Age Group Record)


  1. You are not actually going to bother with a choice for female are you?

  2. Yeah will still do a female vote. I think it's a no brainer as Ellie should win North American UROY with ease but there we lots of other great female Canadian performances in 2011 that should be highlighted even if they won't win!

  3. I ran with Glen a bit back in the day when we both lived in Providence, RI. Great to see him doing so well. I could never figure out how he would go out for 4,5,6hr runs, it just made no sense to me. Still doesn't really. Great stuff Glen.


  4. Adam Cambell based solely on the strength of the fields in events where he podiumed yet did not win. Solid performances.

  5. 3 national records, 2 first places, greater variety of races, Glen should be a no-brainer vote.

  6. If Jason had a stronger result at TNF EC, he might have gotten my vote. I'm going with Adam Campbell, especially on the strength of his CCC and TNF results. It doesn't get much deeper than those fields.

  7. Thanks Rune for including me on the list and to every one who has voted so far.
    It's definitely an exciting time for trail & ultra running in Canada (although we are all just working to stay ahead of Ellie :) and I know that we can expect even more great results in 2012.
    There are some great runners who are dipping their toes into ultra running i.e. Ryan Day, and with Gary Robbins returning and Rune & Aaron Heidt always ready to throw down, I'm very inspired by this surge. We're all working hard and pushing each other to be the best that we can, which is incredibly motivating.
    So let's keep the ball rolling in 2012 and keep whiddling away to more podium finishes against top international fields!

    Happy New Year & happy trails,

  8. Good on ya for doing the poll again Rune - an excited recap of some great Canadian running! Do you think that by people being able to see the results of the poll as it is going might affect future voters? Just a thought... (people either follow the crowd and vote for person with most votes or they see a friend with less votes and so vote for them?). As for trying to keep up with me Adam, yeah right - you could have flown back to Vancouver by the time I'd finished TNF50!

  9. @ Ellie. I guess the hope is people vote based off their thoughts and reading results and it doesn't boil down to who they like more or who is their friend. If I had a vote in UROY last year you had my vote but not because I know you and your more pleasant than others but because results merited it. If someone else was better I personally would have no issue saying someone deserved it more.
    The other reason which is probably more of a larger factor of why the poll tabulations appear is I don't know how to have it hidden :p
    Happy trails!

  10. Glen Redpath, based on the number and range of his events, plus his excellent finishes!

  11. It was interesting to see the voting change after this started to go viral. There was a lot of Jason Loutitt love in the beginning!

    I'm just super stoked to see Canadians ripping up the trails, and am in awe of the accomplishments of all.

  12. Fair enough Rune and just great to see lots of votes coming in!

  13. Who'd you vote for Ellie?! I wonder if Glen would get more votes if I included on his list of accomplishments this year the huge plate of meat he ate at Moose Winooskis before the Toad!!!!

  14. Even without the Moore Winooskis meat platter (and the fact that I am veggie) Glen got my vote! It was a tough pick between him and Adam but this is UROY so I counted Glens volume of solid performances over full range of ultra distances on varied courses. Adam's TNF50 will get my vote for Performance of Year - 3rd place when you look at who came 4th thro 10th in that race is exceptional. But all this is rather irrelevant, I mean had I been able to vote for you I'd have been logging multiple votes from every PC I would find!

  15. I vote for Glen Redpath al the way -- he's the man

  16. Poll closed already after 6 days? That's what I get for not being on my computer over the holidays. :-)

    The whole list is solid, and I congratulate all the guys on it for taking the Maple Leaf up to the podium so many times. It makes me proud to see everyone here doing so well at big, international races. We can look forward to all four guys hitting things hard again next year!

  17. Hey Ryne,

    Can you send me your email address to I am interested in putting this into my first edition of Trail Running Canada digital magazine - set to come out Jan/Feb (fingers crossed).


    Jonathan Schmidt
    Trail Running Canada