Monday, February 1, 2010

January Mileage

Ended the month with 428 miles (got a little sick towards the end so mileage to a bit of a dive) but nonetheless came out on pace for 5039 miles in 2010. Looking forward to getting rid of this dang clogged throat and heading down to Arizona in 10 days for some sun and a 50k jaunt on the Pemberton Trail!

Had a great run to end the month yesterday on the north shore trails with Beatty, Kristin and Dom "Long Term" Repta.


  1. 'Only' 428 miles for January, Rune? What a F'ing slacker!

  2. Hi Rune,

    I'm unofficially collecting info about trail running records on the Bruce Trail. I found some info about your attempt and posted it here:

    Did you ever finish the trail? What happened? Do you have any info about the Scott Turner record? I though the record holder was Clayton Smith.

    Please post a comment on my site if you have any info



  3. Hey Tim,

    In my attempt I did eventually finish the trail in 60 days, 10 hours, 5 minutes. Ended the speed attempt on day six about 455km in. If memory serves correct I ran 88k, 86k, 87k, 80k, 64k and then 45k on the last full day on the trail (which included a trip to the hospital). Swelling and foot just got too painfull to continue. Once healed I got back out and chipped away here and there to finish the journey.

    At the time I started the official trail distance was 848.8km. When Scott Turner set the record years earlier it was 800.5km. To the best of my knowledge with re-routes the trail is now even longer than 848.8km.

    I believe Clayton Smith edged Scott by an hour for the record. The record to the best of my knowledge was 14 days and 10 hours.

    I have been toying with the idea of another speed attempt in the summer of 2011.

    Hope that helps! Any more Q's feel free to fire 'em to me direct @