Thursday, January 21, 2010

Double Ultra Weekend

Its been some time since I've done two ultras in the same weekend (2003 did Chicago Lakefront 50k & Buffalo 6 hour) and in 3 weeks I'll do it again! Kind of extreme weather opposites with this one planned however. First one will be the Pemberton Trail 50k in Fountain Hills, Arizona followed by the Frozen Ass 50k in Calgary, Alberta.

While Arizona can see cold snaps in February likely temps should be around 60-70F. I did the Frozen Ass last year and literally needed three days to get feeling back in my crotch. The starting temperature was a balmy -10F. It did warm up to about 5F by the end of the run. Calgary can have chinooks to make it more tolerable so hopefully that'll happen.

If the weather is clear would love to cap the trip with a midnight summit of Prairie Mountain (7245') out in Kananaskis Country before the 7am flight back to Vancouver!

Figure this ought to be a good kick in the pants to get in shape for the spring! Not to mention help pad those miles for the goal of hitting 5000 this year!

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  1. I did Pemberton back in 2003. and it got fucking cold. Laying by the pool on Friday temps in the upper 60's then Satuday it dropped into the 30's with drizzle. Said fuck it at 25km. Fast, Fast course though. You ought to go atleast 3:40 there brother. 800ft. vert per loop.