Monday, January 11, 2010

Blog world here I come...

I have been reading a bunch of other blogs for some time now and have always thought, "hey those look neat" but have just been to dang lazy to actually make one of my own. Not to mention I am the least tech savvy person on the planet so combining those two make for all the more reason to not have a blog.

Then Ellie Greenwood started a blog a week or so ago and I figured if that's what the young kids are doing these days I better keep up. And I hired a tech team to take care of all the logistics for me that don't mind being paid in fake Canadian Tire money. So here I am!

I doubt any serious thoughts will come out of me here but if your keen on following look for stories about ultras, trails and adventures past, present and future. Maybe some polls, maybe some jokes that only make sense to me, I really don't know!

That's all for now. Gotta go catch this episode of Gossip Girl about to come on the TV.



  1. a new Gossip Girl and I missed it! :) Very impressed by your 5000 goal...

    Any races in mind for this year?

  2. Got Leadville, Mt. Si, JFK set out as the key races. Bunch of other 50's and such mixed in there for fun! What's on your sched this year?

  3. You seem to imply that I'm a young kid Ryne, I think I'm only something like a few weeks younger than you! Anyway, will enjoy following your random ramblings - maybe you can do podcasts so I can listen whilst running?!

  4. Tell 'em about that time you were running and decided to pull off the trail to take a nap. Woke up a couple of hours later and some hobo had his hand down your pants....That's a good one the kids will love that. "Very Nice"