Tuesday, January 19, 2010

5000 miles in 2010?

I have long been a mileage junkie. My idea of cross training is running in rain or snow. Rather than stretching I would rather run a few more miles and skip that evil. I am strangely proud that my flexibility basically allows me to bend over and touch my knees (on good days).

So I set out to track and run 5000 miles in 2010. I don't see it as a major challenge as I get about 50 miles a week running home as my form of commuting from work.

Its easy to run and keep running on the North Shore and the Pacific Northwest as the choices for trails are endless! So far above seasonal temperatures have made a normally lower mileage January turn out pretty decent. As of the end of 19 days in I'm sitting at 256 miles (on pace for 4918). Got a 40 miler planned for Sunday so that should help pad the stats.


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  2. Not a major challenge? AWESOME! I set my sights in 2009 on running 2,009 miles - I got to 2,367. Pretty good for hack like myself who only ran 1,200 miles in 2008.

    I'm sure you'll smoke 5,000 this year - at least I hope you do. More than that, I hope to get to cover a few of them with you, so long as you don't mind slowing down enough so I can keep up!

  3. Pad the stats... Not far behind you buddy. After 19 days I'm at 213. Been fightin this damn sinus problem for 3 weeks. I'll catch up soon as I beat this crap. You wanna do OT again? I thought maybe Syllamo 100 or try and rip a fast one at AT100??? Tell me what your thinking brother...

  4. Can't do AT as its the same day as Run for the Toad 50k up in Ontario.

    Thought about Ozark again to go back for a yearly cussing at Paul and the rocks buried under leaves and those trapper keepers known as 4 foot holes in the middle of the trail!

  5. Rune-

    I plan to be at OT100 this year because I promised my buddy Travis I'd pace him if he runs. If he doesn't run I'll be there anyhow since it's only 1.5hrs drive from home.

    Maybe I can pass you some water, lie to you about how good you look and gimp in the last 5 miles with you. Beer at the finish is always a good thing too.

    Might see you in your neck of the woods for STORMY 100 if you're planning to be around. I'm a "tentative, but likely" for trying that one out this year.

  6. What about Syllamo 100? 26,000 foot of vert at the end of October down in Arkansas. Start finish area is the same as 3 Days of Syllamo. Only reason I ask about that is because I promised Paul I'd work an aide station or two at OT this year.

  7. Jason - water at the finish line and beer at the aid stations please!

    Dave - maybe Syllamo, or both! i'll just move to Kansas for the fall and whore myself out to ugly chicks for money!!!!

  8. Ha! Well if your looking for an ugly chick then Kansas can accomodate. Or we could just throw a whig on Lee and gussy him up a bit. Same difference. If we do Syllamo I can get another race in at the end of September. If not then just bail on the Canadian Championships and get drunk with me in the desert. Anytime you want to hideout in Kansas you're more then welcome.

  9. I'm thinking beer at the aid stations AND the finish. Wow, I'm learning so many awesome tips from you fast ultra runners...

    Sounds like Dave has the hook-up on a fantastic date for you(Lee w/a wig?!?). You sure don't want to miss out on that.

    I'll be around, just let me know what you guys end up doing.